Tumblr Account

One day when I tried to access my Tumblr account, I see the message that my account is terminated, I received no warning or anything, they only closed my account without any warning or justification... 😢

For those who followed me on Tumblr, I apologize for disappearing, but I do not know what to do to recover my account, from Tumblr I have no answers.

If anyone can pass this message on Tumblr I will be grateful.

Please, if you know a solution or you are in a similar situation, please comment in the comments.



  1. All you need to do is contact Tumblr and ask why they terminated it it may be that one of your fans thought that the Tumblr wasn't really u and reported at someone was stealing your stuff if u explain that everything u post is your content they should give u your Tumblr back they've done this to me before with no justification 😁


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