Girls Medium Hair Pack 7

New pack available on my site.
Include 5 girls medium hairs I created for the Sims 4, you can have these without advertising.
I accept requests and suggestions of more packs you wish to view available. 😊

More Packs HERE


  1. Wtf does this cost money for? There's probably better hair out there on TSR, don't waste your money

    1. You can have all this hairs for free but you have to download them individually

    2. Maya why are you worried about how much they cost,if you think you can find better?Just leave the site and do it,you don't have to leave rude and unwanted comments like that.I'm sure why you are looking for hair is because you can not make them,so be happy that Kiara is willing to try and willing to share. So keep your comments to yourself.

  2. Im so annoyed that you have to pay for these, yes you can get it for free, but its a waist of time downloading induviduadly (idk how 2 spell) Im totally not donating. Such a shame.


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