Girls Braids Hairs Pack

New pack available on my site.
Include 5  Girls hair I created for the Sims 4, you can have these without advertising.
I accept requests and suggestions of more packs you wish to view available.

More Packs HERE


  1. we should have been warned that this leads us to a PAY site, that is loaded with SPAM

    1. Not exactly a pay site, is only paid the content that is in packs, all the content in the pack are available for free but with advertising. You can choose.
      Unfortunately the only way to keep my site and continue to make content for Sims 4 is with advertising, I wish I had a lot of money and be able to do everything for free and do not need to add advertising to support my work.
      If you know other alternatives please tell me :)

    2. Can't download a single thing and when I made a purchase it kept asking me to check out. Still waiting on that link to download after I paid.

    3. Please send me an email so I can see what is happen


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