Cute Hairstyle

I received a request to do this hair, hope you enjoy! =)
Available  default textures, from teen to elder, all options.
Available for the base game.
Please leave a comment. =)

Polygon Counts:
13738 polygons

CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
The Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.
For more information see my policy


  1. It's perfect! Thank you so much! And it looks so awesome with that first hat -- I can't wait to go in-game and put it on my Simself! :)

  2. Wow, very cute hair, Kiara! I love all your creations! Why don't you put a picture also in zip file together with package file? It would be very useful. With the same name. I'd appreciate it a lot! Only one main picture, not three. Thank you :*

  3. Yay on your picture it looks lovely with the beanie ! Maybe a girl version soon ? I love this hair !

    Convert this hair for child girls!
    The creator allows creations:)

  5. Replies
    1. Where did you see that? I send a message and I'm waiting for an answer

    2. It is in the sims resource link
      the hair is skysims tina 270.

    3. Google sims 4 skysims tina.
      Click the link that says Skysims 270 Tina - the sims resource.

      Sometimes When you DOWNLOAD it takes you to sims 3 downloads.
      Try refreshing or opening the tab again, try deleting tabs.
      I hope it works👑

    4. my Name Is Victoria Ines so but my google account is ines bruja.

    5. I see the hair but I don't see were you read that is allowed child conversion. I send a message to the creator and I'm still waiting for an answer

  6. I love it! It looks great :)

    I also wanted to notify that I have problems with one of your hairs for boys. I noticed that there is a little black part in the eyes when I use it. So far it's only that specific hair, and it's not even that big of a problem, but it just looks bad in pictures (here is one

    I'm really sorry for just dumping this here, but I don't know how else I could contact and tell you. Please keep up the good work and have a great day :)

  7. Ik love you're work. Thank you for this hair.

  8. Thank you so much!
    looking for a long hair like yours
    I only have base game so its getting difficult to find nice hair for my game play....

  9. Hi ms. Kiara Zurk, could you lend me the CAS files for the red haired lady on the top photo? She really looks like my real life crush and she's a doctor now, I really want her to be my sims wife, you could send the CAS file on my gmail at or kindly share the download link here, Thank You very much for so much awesomeness I found in this page, good luck... :3

  10. Thanks for your comments! =)
    Vince Manga is now available in the gallery, my name there is Zurk24

  11. hello. ive downloaded this hair many times but its a different file for me. its a white piece of paper. and when I put it to my mods folder, I don't c it ingame

  12. This needs to be converted to male hair!
    Love your work thank you!

  13. Beautiful! Reminds me of Ruby (in her first body) from Supernatural!


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