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Today is an important day for me because my Blog  reached 100 Members =)
My Facebook page is about reached 500 likes, 136 have subscribed on my YouTube channel and my Blog have more than  1,500,000 views.
Everything was not possible without your help, thanks for the nice comment, they are always an inspiration to me.  I ask for your help to grow even more, please share My Stuff with your friends 
Thank you for the donations is a great help  , make custom content is not easy and requires many hours of work and dedication it is always important when someone appreciates our work. =)
If somebody else want to help my work can make a donation (just click on the  donations button), I'll be forever grateful =)

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Thanks! =)


  1. I saw you were at 99 so i followed! but i did it privately xD

  2. Congratulations, Kiara! I know the Sims community appreciates your amazing work <3


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