Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to convert a Sims 2 hair for Sims 4 (Video Tutorial)

I received a request to teach  to convert Sims 2  hair for The Sims 4, after many hours of work it is finally ready.
I want to thank fakepeeps7 from Mod The Sims, for the tips that were very useful.
This Video is in Portuguesebut is subtitled in English.
Is on Youtube, go there to see, and if you like click in "Likeand if you want to be aware of new tutorials subscribe to my channel.

Thanks! =)


  1. Thank you. I will try this with Sims 3 hair. It should work similar.

    1. Yes it is similar, but if you want with transparencies you have to change the Shader to "Simglass"

  2. No without transparencies. They don't fit the Sims 4 gamestyle.

  3. With blender is the same as with milkshape?

  4. Blender is very different from Milkshape

  5. Thank you for all of your really helpful tutorials! I was wondering, after seeing you convert that ITF hair, wether you would be willing to do a 3t4 hair tutorial as i am using an old one and I am quite confused as to the last steps because CAStool has changed a bit since the tutorial was written. Everything you make is so awesome btw! Have a great day! <3


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