Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I have received many requests and is being complicated understand what some people want. For this reason I decided to start putting on Twitter pictures of the custom content  I am working, so you can give your feedback and who made the request can help me understand if I am doing what you want.

Also take this opportunity to tell you that I now have a button for donations. I love doing custom content for SIMS, I love to receive your comments, and satisfy your requests.
Please anyone who can make a donation, I'll be forever grateful =)

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Thanks! =)


  1. I have liked your creations since I discovered them on MTS for TS2. You always make pretty creations, and I have never had any issues or conflicts with any of them. However, the only issue I am having is finding you on Facebook. If you would like to add me my name is linked to my facebook. I look forward to more creations for TS4 from you, please keep up the great work that you do!

  2. Hi Kiara I wanted to make a request. I was wondering/Hoping you would be able to make Braids for children unisex if possible. Because I've searched everywhere for braids for my Sims sons. Something similar to the ones from The Sims 2. I would be eternally grateful you were able to make some as I love your hairs especially the braidsbunside conversion<3

    1. I have many requests to end but I can try to do it when you have time, ok? =)

    2. Thank you <3


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