Maiden Dress Conversion

I decided to make another conversion of this creator because she really makes fantastic clothes.
It is available in casual, party and formal (teen to elder) 8 colors.
I hope you enjoy! =)


Polygon Counts:
4247 polygons

A special thanks to the creator of the original dress HERE
CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
Kuree for  The Sims 4 Studio and S4PE


  1. Thank you very much for the conversion! Such a pretty dress. Just wish it came in colors that weren't solid. Would you mind if I did some personal recolors?

  2. Yes, you can recolor, but please do not forget to add a link to this dress :)

  3. Plz do more dresses like these... I love them!

  4. Oh these are one of my favs for SIMS2! Thanks a lot. Can I posted a recolor in mod the sims or the gallery with credits of course?

    Your site is just great too!

  5. Thanks! =)
    Lina G, yes, you can recolor

  6. I really love this gown. I've used one of the white versions as a wedding gown. It looked beautiful on the bride.


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