Changing gender [Tutorial]

I have noticed that many people are interested in learning how to change the gender in Sims4, which tools to use and how. In this tutorial I will try to explain everything step by step so that beginners can understand.

Tools you need:

» To begin open the "Sims4 Studio" to choose the hair
» Click on "Create Recolor"

» On top of that you should choose what you are looking for, in this case I chose a  male hair
» When you pass the mouse over the chosen hair , his name appears

» Now open "TS4 Mesh Tools"

»  1º - Proceed the same way choose the same options, 2 º - click in the circle that says "Base game  package" and all items will appear in the section you choose, 3º - Search the name and select it
4º - Choose the colors you want 5º - Write a unique name 6º - Click on "Clone!" button. Save your package file in a place of your choice

» Open S4PE, and go to File > Open, and open the file you just clone

» When you open your file in S4PE will going to  looks like the image below
    1º select the CASP, 2º click the Grid button

» In AgeGender line change the value next to it, 1078 is male, in this case you change to 2078 female, then click Commit. If you chose more colors will have to repeat the process for all the CASP. When all is done, save in DocumentsElectronic /The Sims 4Mods

 »  It's time to open the Sims 4 Game and see the result =)

I hope you find this tutorial usefulif you have questions put in the comments, I try to answer as best as possible and as fast as possible

For more information go HERE


  1. I followed your tutorial step by step, and all seemed well when I was done. But the game crashes when I scroll through the female hairs. I converted a Get To Work hairstyle from male to female. I am not a modder by any means. I just wanted a specific hair for my female sim. I'm not sure what to do or what I could have done wrong. Can you help?

    1. You can try to use the Sims Studio 4 for that, open the hair you want to convert in Sims 4 Studio then go to Warehouse then click in CAS part, you will see categories and you can change what you want, then save and open the package and is done.

  2. The hair you used for this actually looks way cuter on women! Can you put it up for download? :P I'm no modder by ANY means haha.


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