Adding images to t-shirts (Tutorial)

In this tutorial I will try to teach you how to add images to t-shirts

Tools you need:

  •  Color Magic
  • Photoshop
  • DDS plug in
  • S4PE

  •    » First open "Color Magic"

       » Choose the "The Sims 4" option then enter your creator identity and click "Next"

      » Now you must choose where will you put your image, I chose a child t-shirt 

      » It's time to choose a unique name for your t-shirt, click "Add", because we will need this image later, and click in "Save as", this will save your package.

      » Now open S4PE and opens the package file you just save

      » Now  right click on "_IMG" Export > to file... and save the image

     » Now you have to export the textures,  right click on "UNKN" and go to Export to DDS and save the textures

      » It's time to open the textures we exported in Photoshop. To change the green, you have to go to channelsand switch the green channelwhat is gray to black

      » Now just add the image you want, then flatten the image (layered - flatten image), we can only keep one layer

      » Save your texture. Press Save as and choose .dds format

      » We still have to change the image that we export first, we copy the same image that we added to the t-shirt and pasted on top of this image, flatten the image (layered - flatten image) then save.

      » Let's return to S4PE, then import the file we saved (t-shirt with the image)

      » Replace the image, then save in DocumentsElectronic /The Sims 4Mods

      »  It's time to open the Sims 4 Game and see the result

    To add another image, you have to repeat the whole process from the beginning

    I hope you find this tutorial usefulif you have questions put in the comments, I try to answer as best as possible and as fast as possible


    1. Hi im new too cc but i was just wondering can i use the dds in instead of photoshop

      1. Sorry but I have never worked with that program so do not know :(
        Ask in this forum, it is very visited and maybe someone can help you


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