Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CoolSims Mesh N.70 Conversion

Another conversion, I had already converted to the "Sims 3" and now is also available for "The Sims 4" and in Sims 4 style.
I had to make some changes so that it adapts to the Sims 4 style.
Available in  default textures, from teen to elder, all colors.
May notice a problem with the hats, but it was very complicated to set this hair with hats, sorry :(
Available for the base game.
Please leave a comment. =)

If you are having difficulty in downloading please go HERE

Custom Content in Model:

Polygon Counts:
7370 polygons

You can find the original hair Here
CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
The Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.
For more information see my policy

Download and Install Instructions:
First Download, click the download link and save the .rar or .zip file to your computer.
Use WinRAR(Windows) to extract the file from the .rar or .zip file.
Final, cut and paste the file into your Mods folder, Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\


  1. Very cool hairstyle! I requested long time ago if you could this hair:http://cdn-cf.getwishboneapp.com/ui/3f549e921648237e1f3660fce32f84cb.jpeg
    And you didn't did it. I'm sorry if I didn't requested by FaceBook, but I don't have it...

    1. You can search Rival Chan in Google to see more photos

    2. Please send me an email, for me to show you pictures, zurkdesign@gmail.com

  2. Replies
    1. is available in default textures and all Sims 4 hair colors

  3. When I put this in my game it made all of the other hairs disappear o.O

  4. Where can I find an alpha version of this hair please?


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