Victorian Fashion for Men (Hat + Vest)

Another request ready, I hope you enjoy!
This is a set which is a vest and hatare separated  so you can choose to download only one.
Is available in casual, formal and party, hat with 5 options, vest with 10 options (teen to elder).
Please leave a comment. =)

If you are having difficulty in downloading please go HERE

Custom Content in Model:
Poses by Ms_Blue and Simsfans 

Polygon Counts:
Vest - 3625 polygons
Hat - 730 polygons

The Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.
For more information see my policy


  1. Beautiful, exactly what I needed thanks!

  2. ah thanks so much for making these <3

  3. This is amazing! Thanks so much. Looks awesome!

  4. I love how this stuff looks very much alike with the game. Can you modify some of the dresses that are already in the game, like take some of the short dresses and make them longer and maybe put in more colors? And for fun, can you make some cropped tops if you have the time, please?

  5. wow this is really beautiful!!! thank you for all your works!

  6. Hello! I wonder if I can get permission to convert the outfit to The Sims 2 and to make recolor of it?

  7. My computer seems to have a problem with Adfly. I can never seem to download things from the links. I click on them, it takes me to that adfly and then nothing happens. Nothing loads or anything. I click on "Skip ad" just takes me to an ad, usually.

    I'm sorry--does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening? I love this style of CC but its quite hard to find.

    1. I have a new site without adfly, I upload this there as soon as possible, maybe tomorrow :)


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