Civil War Fashion

Another request ready, I hope you enjoy! =)
It is available in casual, party and formal (teen to elder) 5 options.
Available for the base game.
Please leave a comment. =)

Custom Content in Model:
Poses by Ms_Blue

Polygon Counts:
4345 polygons

CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
The Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.
For more information see my policy


  1. that beautiful it fit with my steampunk house :D, please can you make the male ones with a top head maybe :/ , thank you.

  2. Absolutely love everything on this site, hope to see more soon.

  3. Thanks for your comments! =)
    For requests please read this:

  4. I love this would love to have more colors and another dress like this pretty please

  5. Any way you could make a bonnet? Like the green one Rhett gives to Scarlett in Gone With the Wind :) You're SO talented! Thanks for making these. :)

    1. I do that as soon as possible =)

    2. Hi i cant downlad this to my game its sad i was really looking forward to it biut it doesnt work

  6. is there any other download links you can put because no matter how hard I try I can't get it to work. I want these so bad man, they're sooooo good.

  7. Hey. I've been trying to download this custom content for a while now and it never works. I know some other people have been having similar problems. I would like to ask, would it be possible for you to change the way the content downloads or the site used for downloads. If not, maybe you could consider putting this custom content up on the sims resource. Thank you.

    1. Hi!
      Please send me an email

  8. Can you do some more patterns, or I guess some more color options of this dress. It is my favorite all-time outfit. There are some great floral patterns or even lace


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