Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Floating Hair

I received a request to make a long curly hair. Hope you like it =)
Available in  default textures, from teen to elder, all colors.
Available for the base game.
Please leave a comment. =)

If you are having difficulty in downloading please go HERE

Custom Content in Model:

Polygon Counts:
3333 polygons

CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
Kuree for The Sims 4 Studio and  S4pe
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.

For more information see my policy


  1. hello this creation I love it! like other of the rest! always follow you're good! look with trepidation every time one of your new hairdo! thanks so continues!

  2. hello as they're very good I wanted to ask if you could do a hairstyle similar to cazy or sintiklia with hair on one side if you can, thanks !!

    1. Thanks! :)
      I have many requests, when I have time I try to do that =)

  3. thank you kiara for my request i like can you if you want make a long straight hair please straight straight with more more mass please kiara i love thank you

  4. like that the hairstyle of sims 4 the last

    Can you make the hairstyle of the link but very long and the hair on the side and behind please

  6. with new color the same of the sims 4 and the texture made better please

  7. the colors basic of the sims 4 please

  8. for summarise, a hairstyle what you find in link, i want the hairstyle is very long like that doss or dream hair,the hair behind and on the side,the same mass, new texture more realistic lika that yours hairs and colors basis of the game

  9. if you dont inderstand tell me ;) and thank you so much kiara for every this THANK YOU =))

    1. I think I understand, but please send me an email with pictures of the hair you want.
      I have to finish some requests, then I try to do your =)

  10. so what is your e mail i send my email ^^ ?


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