Sexy Blazer

I received a request to make this blazer, it was not exactly easy but here it is.
It is available in casual, party and formal (teen to elder) 13 options.
I hope you enjoy! =)

Polygon Counts:
3308 polygons

CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools
Kuree for  The Sims 4 Studio and S4PE


  1. Can we get more "sexy" tops? Maybe some that aren't in the 'business casual' style?

  2. Ok, I'm working on that, suggestions are welcome =)

  3. Ohh. Perfect for my sim in the medical career who wants to play a sexy nurse ;) BTW. Can you please create outfits for careers? :D Like for doctors, and scientists, and policemen and women. :D


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